Saturday, 1 June 2019



Guess what i am doing and where i am???

New years eve in Trento, Italy

Exam time, cant hide the nervous expression when waiting the professor calling for the seat arrangement

This is absolutely Stunning in Venice, not me but the background OK!

Maybe some of you does'nt know what happened and why this blog had being a bit silent for the past whole year. Actually i was been offered to do my practical or some say internship programme at overseas which is in Italy. A country that i totally never been dreaming to visit and of course to live there for half year. Nevertheless the offer was too tempting and i will be regret for the whole of my life if i let this thing just go away like that. So even i have to leave my beloved wife and my super SPOILED son. I decide to accept it for their own benefit in future and most importantly for my development in Engineering knowledge.

So if anybody interested to know what i have been through and what i am doing in Italy i will link my other blog telling you the secret of my success in my study..maybe you could share with your child, relatives or even yourself hihi...
My wife's piece of works!!credit to her cause so hardworking compiling the photo of my dean's list award...Kudos!

Enough with study stuff, lets get back to the main topic!!!

For this post i will be emphasizing some of the things that i might missed before and also my future planning.

First of all, I will reorganize my business in this near future because i will hire some employee to help me run this business more smooth and efficiently. I am also expecting that end of this year i will open a small shop probably here in permatang pauh area depending on the availability of the premise and of course the FUND!

Before i forget, i am also would like to make an apocalipse apology for those who had been calling and contact me for the past few month after i am arrived in Malaysia. I am so so so SORRY because i just have a lot of things to handle back then. I can list thousand of reason to explain it but i think its better not because i am dont like to give excuse unless if we can meet somewhere and have some teh tarik then we can talk about it..hehe